Citrine - Gemstone for Planet Jupiter

Citrine gives wealth and wisdom. It is known to promote all-around health and well-being. It blesses with parenthood and happy marriages.

Weight: 5 carats
Shape: Oval
Quality: Fine
Special offer Price : Rs. 2100/-
(Regular Price Rs.2400 - You save 15%)
Gemstones represent the expression of the cosmic intelligence and order of natural law.
Astrology has a vast knowledge of the correct recommendation, type, quality and use of gemstones. Our Gemstone Advisor is based on accepted Jyotish techniques of gemstone recommendation.
Each of the nine grahas (planets) have a corresponding gemstone. For optimal influence, each gem must meet specific criteria of purity, color, shape etc. A very small proportion of the gems available today satisfy the required criteria for Jyotish, and we offer only those gems that meet this rigorous criteria.
We follow the Code of Professional Ethics as defined by the Planetary Gemmologists Association.
What you will get:

Gemstone: Citrine
Packaging: Designer giftbox made of handmade paper
Quality: Jyotish Quality (Standard)
Certification: By Indian Government approved certifying body
Guarantee: 7 Days Money Back Guarantee if returned within 7 days of receipt in original packaging. Shipping and Handling cost will NOT be refunded. guarantees you quick turnaround time and efficient customer service before and after you place your order.
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